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Common errors on input tax claims explained using an info video from IRAS

Around 3,000 GST-registered businesses are selected by the IRAS for audit every year. The most common mistakes discovered are incorrect input tax claims.

On average, more than $18,000 in GST and p...


Funds may incur GST when the fund procures services (e.g. fund management service) from GST-registered businesses. To simplify the rules for claiming GST incurred, all qualifying funds that are managed by a prescribed fund manager in Singapore are allowed to claim GST...


Kumarselvam S/O Veejay Koumar (“Kumarselvam”), 31, who was a director of MV Global Trading Pte Ltd (“MV”), flouted the law when his company MV unlawfully charged GST on a total of 102 sales invoices issued to MV’s customers.

Kumarsalvam pleaded guilty to the 34 charges...


Two foreigners, a father and his son, were convicted of one GST offence each:

Former Research Fellow Zhang Baicheng, aged 33, was convicted of engaging the help of his father, Zhang Yaoqun, a tourist, to claim a GST refund of $247.94 for a $3,790 Prada bag (the “handbag...


Increased social spending; Our budget in deficit. Solution: Raise taxes. What tax, you ask? GST comes to mind for most.  

Why talk of GST rate increase now?

PM Lee said that Singapore will be raising taxes as government spending on investments and soc...


Chen Juncun (“Chen”), a director of advertising firm Citrus Lab Pte Ltd (“CL”) and commercial printing firm Citrus Productions Pte Ltd (“CP”), has been convicted of evading Goods and Services Tax (GST) by overstating input tax and making fictitious declarations to enab...


Businessman Foo Tee Suan (“Foo”), who was the sole-proprietor of FTH Enterprise (“FTH”), partner of F&T Top System Enterprise (“F&T”) and Hwa Rong Import & Export (“HRIE”) and director of Hwa Rong Enterprise Pte Ltd (“HREPL”), has been convicted for making false entrie...


Smart people learn from their mistakes. Geniuses learn from others. Adopting the GST Assisted Self-help Kit (ASK) for your business? Be a genius and learn from the GST mistakes of others!


Customer accounting for certain prescribed goods will be implemented from 1 Jan 2019 to deter fraud schemes where the seller absconds with the GST collected, but businesses further down the supply chain continue to claim the input tax.

It will be applicable to supplies...


Suneel Ramchandani (“Suneel”), the former manager of Indibiz, an export business for luxury watches and electronic products, has been charged and convicted for making fictitious declarations to enable Indibiz to claim GST refunds totalling $178,314.82.

Suneel faced a to...