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Customised GST Trainings

GSTax Consultancy offers personalised & customised trainings focused on the Goods & Services Tax (GST) for small groups to the whole company.

Each industry is different. Your transactions are therefore unique to your organisation, and the GST treatment may differ based on the circumstances surrounding your business transactions. GSTax Consultancy understands this, and we are able to customise our GST Trainings according to your business transactions and requirements. For your convenience, our GST Trainings are conducted on-site at your premises, or at a venue of your choice.


Our approach to the GST Training is based on 3 "C"s: Concentrate, Clarify and Correct as follows:

  • Concentrate on the GST issues relevant to your business thereby making the training more effective and efficient.

  • Clarify on the GST issues or challenges faced by your staff in the course of their work, providing clarity on the GST treatment of each transaction.

  • Correct the errors uncovered as a result of the Customised GST Training, so as to better manage the financial exposure and penalties of the business.

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Why GSTax Consultancy?

Our training will be facilitated by our GST Director, Mr Ng Choon Beng, who has more than 20 years of GST experience. Choon Beng is a well sought after speaker and trainer on GST, and has conducted more than 200 GST workshops, seminars and trainings during this time.

Other Benefits of GST Trainings
  • Waiver of penalties or reduced penalties in respect of past errors. Errors uncovered from the Customised GST Training could qualify for full waiver of penalty or a reduced penalty of 5% under the IRAS Voluntary Disclosure Program, instead of a 200% penalty.

  • Enhance your GST compliance. Staff will be able to keep pace with the GST updates and changes during the training. 


GST is a transaction-based tax and transcends almost all areas of work. Based on feedback from our clients, staff from finance and accounting, operations, administration, and logistics have found our trainings to be useful after attending the trainings.

To find out how you can use Customised GST Trainings to enhance your GST compliance level, please feel free to contact us

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